Whether you’re new to church, have been a Christian for many years, or are looking for a fresh start, you’re welcome at Southern Missionary Baptist Church. It is our hope to take you on a journey where you can experience God, find family, discover where you fit in the body of Christ, and make a difference in the world. Our focus is on family, life, faith, and worship. Everything we do as a church is filtered through our focus on building people to live a purpose-driven life.


Pastor Xavier L. Thompson flows in all five gifts of the five-fold ministry. He is not only a provocative thinker but a charismatic visionary that teaches the word with authority, clarity, conviction, and courage. 

Pastor Thompson, who likes to be called Xavier serves as the Senior Pastor of the Southern Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, the Saint Paul Baptist Church in Pacoima, and the Calvary Baptist Church of Pacoima. Pastor Thompson is a longtime community leader who has committed his life to serve others. Always an advocate to uplift people, Xavier has gained the love and admiration of his members, the local community, religious communities, and leaders across the country with relevant and inspirational messages that transcend church, social, and political boundaries. Xavier loves to impact the community outside of the church walls by serving on various commissions, advisory boards, as well as supporting community engagement initiatives.

Let’s Impact The Community

We are most like God when we give. Every time you make the decision to be generous, you will discover that our God refuses to be out-given. Give a tax-deductible donation to help where it’s needed most. Thanks to your charitable giving that supports our outreach, prayer, programs, and ministries around the globe.

We believe in the Biblical principle of tithing. In Malachi 3:10 (NLT), the Bible talks about bringing the first 10% (tithe) of your income into the storehouse (church). Tithes and Offerings received at the Southern Missionary Baptist Church fund the vision and activities of our church.